What we do

Gaina are the leading beverage software supplier to the Drinks and wider FMCG industries. We design, develop, implement and support ERP beverages applications, sales and distribution software and order management software to help grow your business, keep costs under control and manage your operations to ensure your company is protected against business risks. Gaina provides a range of ERP software solutions and consultancy projects across our customer base. With highly experienced multi-disciplinary teams we provide innovative thinking and ground breaking solutions in our chosen markets. Whether your challenge is to get the best out of your sales force through technology or introduce efficiencies into your warehouse Gaina can not only provide you with the dedicated software, we can advise you along the way.

Why we do it

Having worked in the industry for over 30 years Gaina's software has grown with many of the companies it serves. We have dedicated ourselves to providing the most innovative software to our customers and work in partnership with them to help them achieve success. Our long serving staff see our customers as an extension of our own company and as such they are driven by the success of these customers.

Where we came from

Gaina is formerly known as Wellington IT Solutions and we have been serving the drinks industry for over 30 years with innovative ERP solutions. Wellington IT Solutions first grew as software suppliers to both the Drinks/FMCG industry and Credit Unions, and our parent Company Wellington Computer Systems Ltd still serve these two industries today. However, as part of a more focused and content led brand identity that is committed to the Drinks and FMCG industries and its challenges, we have separated the branding of this division away from Wellington IT and renamed it Gaina. We are still the same company with the same people behind it. We still share the same values and emphasis on innovation for the benefit of our customers but with an updated and meaningful brand.

Some of our clients

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