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With over 35 years of drinks industry experience, Gaina Software can help finance managers and directors to:

The finance department in your drinks wholesale business can see a reduction in your cost per purchase when your business uses Gaina Software’s bonded warehouse system. Witness a reduction in your cost per sale when your business uses our mobile sales app, ORCA, and our B2B sales website.

Gaina’s ERP software for financial planning gives a live and accurate view of transactional information, stock movement completed sales and credit availability for current customers.

By offering customers access to their account information and history, you can save time in your office by reducing the amount of phone calls that your staff take. Help sales staff to exceed financial targets for margin when using our mobile sales app, ORCA.

Our bonded warehouse software can help free up cash flow in your business, which can be invested elsewhere.

By using ERP software for financial planning, you’ll be able to increase your turnover and reduce your costs & waste. The result? Increased profitability for your drinks business.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Gaina’s ERP software can help your department with better financial planning, get in touch using the form below.

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